Do You Have What it Takes to Compete as a Buyer in the Insane Boston-North Real Estate Market?

March 31, 2017

In today's episode I briefly explore a great article I read in the March 2017 issue of Success Magazine: Focus & Balance - Understanding Both Will Properly Align Your Attention.  John C. Maxwell discusses the importance of focus and balance and preparing one's self for every possibility, whether good or bad.  The article goes much deeper than what I discuss, but I extracted some very important sport analogies exposed through the lens of the legendary and late UCLA basketball coach John Wooden.  I found this segued well into some practical tips about competing in Boston, Massachusetts' crazy real estate market.   

There is so much competiton that the sole act of actively submitting offer after offer and suffering the slings and arrows of real estate misfortunes is a necessary step in 'practicing' to be contenders and beating the competiton.  If you have been 'practicing' effectively for the last few months, and have been working with a great agent, you will indeed have a competitive advantage over the newbies that enter the marketplace to learn the ropes by likely making the same mistakes your chose to make months prior.

This podcast improves over time.  Episode 1 is not as good as episode 5.  Your first offer will not be as good as your 5th offer.  It takes good guidance, a willingness and awreness of what it taes to succeed and lots of practice, practice, practice!

I hope you enjoy this show because I am practicing to make it better every day! If you ever have any questions about buying or selling real estate in Medford, Winchester, Somerville, Melrose, Arlington and the surrounding community, I am a click or call away!  I am Joe DiMeo of DiMeo Realty Group and I am committed to assisting you whether you are ready to sell or buy today, in two months, or five years!  No strings attached!

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